How to Shop

  1. Click on ‘My Online shopping’ from the main site menu, to open the shopping platform.
  2. On the shopping platform click the category of the item you intend to buy, on the shopping menu.
  3. Select an item by clicking. You may also click on an item directly on the shopping homepage if listed there.
  4. Then click on ‘Add to cart’ to add the item to your shopping cart. You may add multiple items.
  5. Click ‘checkout’ on the top right menu.
  6. On the checkout page, choose the option of Registered account if you are one or Guest checkout if you are not registered (If you choose Registered Account, then enter your email and password, then click login). After that click continue.
  7. On the Billing section, enter your personal details and address, click continue (If your billing address is not the same as the delivery address, then uncheck the box on the bottom left of that section. This will imply that you will fill out the Delivery detail after you have click continue).
  8. On the delivery method section, choose your preferred shipping method and continue.
  9. Choose a payment method, from either Bank option or voguepay. The bank option will simply place your order and await payment from you via the bank detail displayed for you, while the voguepay option will transfer you to the secure payment platform of voguepay, who are our online payment processor. Check on the Terms & Conditions option box after you have read the Terms and Conditions, then continue.
  10. The next section helps you confirm your order and if all is correct, you click submit; which transfers you to the voguepay payment platform where payment is made. For those who choose bank transfer/deposit, they can proceed to do the transfer/deposit to the given bank account detail.


Delivery Information

  • We currently undergo delivery to areas around Onitsha, Asaba and Awka.
  • Delivery to these areas are at a flat rate of N500.
  • Goods are sent to our pick-up points at our office locations in Onitsha, Asaba and Awka.
  • Customers can also negotiate home delivery of good via the following number 08037075511